Weekly Update 06/08/2018

OUHSD Recognition:

On Wednesday, June 6th the Board of Trustees and the District held a student and staff recognition for their dedicated service to OUHSD and accomplishments.  The KINGDOM is pleased to congratulate the following individuals:

Miguel “Mike Ortega, Lead Custodian

Sebastian Baehr, Valedictorian

Bryce Black, Valedictorian

Makayla Diaz, Valedictorian

Lilah Guerra, Valedictorian

Alyssa Madsen, Valedictorian

Sierra Richey, Valedictorian

Sophia Wong, Valedictorian

RCHS Emergency Plan Presentation:

The RCHS PAC was filled with students, staff, community service agencies and esteemed District personnel to hear a presentation given by the US History and Public Health class.  Under the direction of Mrs. Brianna Davis, the students formed 3 committee groups to research and review the Emergency plan at RCHS.  The groups were comprised of a PSA Team, Go Bag Team, Rancho Guide Team.  Students were empowered to showcase their emergency plan concept to its community in hopes to implement at the site and possibly at the District levels.  The collaboration and efforts of these students is to be commended!  They will continue to collaborate with all stakeholders to refine these efforts!

Way to go MONARCHS!

Congratulations to our inaugural Graduating Class of 2018!