Weekly Update 10/12/2018

FUTURE Med. Science Professionals:

Last week the students in Honors Anatomy & Physiology completed their Integumentary (skin) unit by creating and treating wounds.  Here are some pictures from the day.

Educator Continuing Education experience:

In addition, faculty member Erin Huizinga participated in the EECCOA (Energy Efficiency to Mitigate Climate Change and Ocean Acidification) a project-based “science education program which empowers students to address climate change and ocean acidification by providing them with the necessary tools to research, design and innovate Energy Efficiency or sustainable models for their schools” and community. Through this training, she will be able to bring current scientific research to her students as well as have students participate in gathering data in our local community.  The training included both hands-on research in the Kalamara wetland rehabilitation and microplastics collection between in our local waters aboard the NOAA Sheerwater vessel. 

MONARCHS experience forensics:


On Friday, October 5th 11th-grade and 12th-grade students in the AOMS visited the California Forensic Institute at Cal State Los Angeles.  The presentation included an interactive lecture given by two graduate students in Criminalistics, as well as a tour of their facilities.  Students saw firsthand the science necessary to be in the field of forensic science; whether dealing with crime scene investigation, weapon discharge or DNA analysis.

Biology lessons impacting students:

During the Biochemistry unit, students learned about the molecules of life: protein, lipids, nucleic acid, and carbohydrates. While focusing on the nucleic acids, students-built nucleotides (subunits of DNA) then connected them simulating dehydration synthesis to form a polynucleotide. Students then used the base pair rule to make DNA. We took it a little further by combing each group’s DNA into a class DNA.


On Wednesday, October 10th MONARCHS students and “staffulty” got busy proctoring or taking the PSAT/SAT test.  Thanks to a huge collaborative initiative the day went well.  Thank you to all the dedicated staff for their energy, efforts and support!