Weekly Update 10/26/2018

Rancho Campana’s CAASPP scores among the top in the state!!!

Rancho Campana once again proved that it offers a high-quality education.  The English and Math state CAASPP scores were second highest in the county and in the state ranked in the top 15!!!  RCHS is excited that the alternate methods of assessment, real world experiences and project-based learning are creating an environment for students to flourish and compete.


Students take the PSAT/SAT Schoolwide:

On October 10, students schoolwide took the PSAT/SAT.  In an effort to promote a college readiness environment Rancho Campana tested all students that have not already taken the SAT this school year.  As college application season comes into full view we are ecstatic that our students can participate in such an experience.


Physics students learn Newton’s 3rd Law:

In Ms. Steward’s physics class students were given the opportunity to devise an experiment to demonstrate Newton’s Third Law.  Students were tasked with creating a way for a balloon to travel across a string.  They were also asked to make the balloon rotate like a corkscrew and to have it rotate 360 degrees.  Project based learning is commonplace here at RCHS!!!


Prospective Student Night had a multitude of interested families!!!

Families were given the opportunity to hear about the great things Rancho Campana can offer their students on October 24 and 25.  Parents heard presentations about the three academies and coursework offered.  Tours were given and even with a Dodger world series game RCHS had an excellent turnout.