Weekly Update 11/09/18

Dancing with the Stars:

On Friday November second, staff and students participated in a fundraiser for the dance team.  They teamed up with a dance member and choreographed a dance routine.  Genres such as African, pop, musical theater, tango, Bollywood and hip hop were practiced and performed in front of professional judges.  Our own math teacher Ms. Fennell won the grand prize with an amazing performance.  Additionally, there were guest dance performances from Agoura HS and Channel Islands HS dance teams.


Academic Awards Evening:

On Thursday November first RCHS celebrated our successes and honored all of our scholars.  Students that earned a 3.75 GPA for one year earned a letter, for two years a bar and for three years a lamp.  We had over 20% of our students earn an award which is phenomenal!!!  We look forward to continuing to foster a culture of academic success.


AOAE and French Collide:

On Monday, November 5th, French and Art Students visited the Norton Simon Museum and ate crepes, quiche and delicious French desserts.  Students enjoyed listening to the docents as they explained art by Monet, Renoir, Degas, Cezanne, Van Gogh, Rembrandt, Matisse, Picasso and many others.  Many thanks to parent drivers, Ms Garcia and Ms. Wolf who made the trip possible.


The KINGDOM hosts FAFSA Workshop:

RCHS hosted a FAFSA workshop on November 6th.  Moorpark College Financial Aid representatives were on hand to answer questions about qualifying for financial aid, loans, etc. They also assisted Senior students and parents in completing and submitting their FAFSA.  Students and parents were encouraged to create their FSA ID’s beforehand to save time during the workshop and were reminded of the importance of submitting a FAFSA to qualify for grants, work study, scholarships, and loans.