Weekly Update 1/11/2019

First Day Back After Winter Break!


January seventh marked the first day after winter break, though we started with a little rain it went off beautifully.  Students and teachers were excited to be back in the classroom and in school!

Alumni Return

On January ninth Rancho Campana alumni returned to visit and talk to current students.  RCHS alumni were able to share their experiences in college, including social life, academics and all other aspects related to life as an adult.


Science Classes:

Our science department has been extremely active.  Ms. Gathman’s AP Chemistry class had to figure out how to get out of an escape room.  They used their knowledge of chemistry to open six locks and eventually find their way out of the maze.  Additionally, Ms. Creech’s class used bubbles to demonstrate the properties of cell membranes.  There were bubbles made in bubbles, bubbles blown with their hands and huge bubbles being produced!!!