Weekly Update 03/15/2019

Rancho Campana Dance Team Off to FINALS!!!

Our RCHS Dance Team heading out to compete at WCE Nationals in Long Beach, CA.  The team is in its first competitive season and is led by Coach Jess. The Kingdom wishes them much success! #traintoreign



Rancho Campana Hosts Higher Education Week College Fair

On March 12th Rancho Campana welcomed UCSB Education Opportunity Program for Higher Education week.  Our juniors were able to talk to over 30 colleges.  They discussed college offerings, entrance and other details relevant to the college experience.




Santa Rosa Technology Magnet Middle Schoolers visit RCHS

Over 60 seventh graders visited RCHS and were able to experience our academies.  They were able to see our engineers at work and 3-D print, in our Monarch studio they created a short newscast, learned basic first-aid and participated in a CERT drill.  Finally, they visited the art facility and collaborated on an art project.




WASC Team Visited

The Kingdom opened its gates to welcome our WASC visiting committee on it first full visit.  RCHS would like to thank Mrs. Davis for taking the reins and leading us thru this process since our opening in Fall 2015.  We also wish to thank our District supporting members, Dr. DeLeon, Dr. McCoy and Mrs. Ramos.  However, we can’t forget to thank our dedicated MONARCHS Staffulty for their commitment, dedication and support of our students.