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The most important place for our students to be each day is in school – to experience learning together in our academic community. But, illness and life events happen. So, to make sure that our parents understand attendance policies and procedures.

As a public school, Rancho Campana and the Oxnard Unified School District receives its funding from the State of California as a result of the average daily attendance (ADA) of its pupils. Funding for district is tied to the number of days each student is present at school. Therefore, the practice of taking attendance is a crucial task each day.

Absences are verified (excused) only if a student is ill, absent due to a medical appointment (that is documented with a note from the medical provider), or for bereavement. Any other absence for one or more periods, even if it is excused by a parent, is considered a truancy as defined by Education Code.

    Attendance hot line- please call this number if your child is absent:  805-394-4754                                                                                                                                                         


Sandra scheinert attendance clerk