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Mission & Vision


Rancho Campana is an academy, project based academic institution.  It combines a rigorous education with an atmosphere of inclusivity.  We have over 800 students on average,  which allows a healthy range of programs but retain an air of personability.

Rancho Campana High School has three academies with a total of seven pathways.  Our Engineering Academy has a traditional Engineering pathway or a computer programming pathway. Our Academy of Medical sciences has a biotech and a mental health program.  Our Arts and Entertainment academy contains a theater pathway, traditional arts pathway and a video production pathway.  All of our academies give our students access to experiences that prepare them for a career.  Our promotional video (see video here) was shot, edited and produced solely by our students with guidance from a mentor teacher.  Our engineers are able to apply for RCMakes, a nonprofit that is partnered with RCHS and our medical science students are able to intern at the hospital down the street.

Academically, our teachers provide a rigorous, thoughtful education.  The workload is not excessive but prepares our students for college level academics.  We are the number two ranked school in Ventura County for both standardized test scores and in the Newsweek national rankings.  Though we have a focus on academics, our teachers are able to provide instruction that is project based without rote instruction.  RCHS was established as a one-to-one school, every student is issued a laptop and not many textbooks.  Our teachers work tirelessly to remain up to date with pedagogy that engages students and encourages innovation.  RCHS is on a trimester system, in which students take five courses three times throughout the year versus a traditional semester schedule where students take six classes twice.  Students have access to 75 credits a year, but take on average 65.  

Culturally, Rancho Campana is filled with eccentric, inclusive students. Students here are accepting of each other’s strengths and embrace differences.  Our pupils are able to flourish with the freedom to pursue projects they are interested in.  For example, in 2019 we had a group of students completely produce and perform a college based play.  Another student created a Tedx forum for high school students and has had 6 students give Ted talks over the last two years.  This is all possible because of the drive and creativity of our student’s, but also because of an active, encouraging staff.  

Currently, Rancho Campana does not have a sports program but allows students to play sports at their home school within OUHSD.  Students that play at ACHS or RMHS have access to a bus to take them to their sports program.  

Rancho Campana High School continually strives for excellence, and we hope you will consider applying to be a future Monarch.