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Academy Requirements

Graduation Requirements:

Students in the Arts & Entertainment Academy are expected to meet the following requirements over their four years of high school, in order to receive their Academy cord at graduation: 

Curriculum:  Complete a three-course pathway / sequence in an academy track (one per year), earning a grade of C or better. Switching academy tracks may jeopardize a student’s eligibility.

Work-Based Learning: Complete the following school-wide and academy activities:  

  • School-Wide:  Freshmen Career Day, Sophomore Speed Interviews, Capstone Class Mock Interviews/Auditions
  • Attend three Work Site Tours (Field Trips)
  • Complete 60 hours unpaid internships / job shadowing (completed through the Academy Capstone Class

NAF Requirements:

In order to earn NAF Track Certification, the following elements must be completed during the course of study:

  • four NAF courses, completing the required culminating project and final assessment for each with a final grade of C or better
  • Complete one 120-hour internship or two 60-hour internships.