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Video & Film Pathway

The Video and Film pathway is designed for students interested in pursuing a career in filmmaking and video production. In Year 1, students are introduced to the language of visual design through a variety of art media. In Year 2, students are introduced to scriptwriting, camera operation, editing, and video production techniques. In Year 3, students learn advanced techniques for planning and producing videos, including live video broadcasting, and develop a portfolio of their work.

Course Sequence:
Year 1:  2D Visual Art & Design (2 trimesters)
Year 2: Video and Film CTE (2 trimesters)
Year 3: Advanced Video & Film CTE (Honors) (2 trimesters)

A man is at the control panel of a sound producer.

Pathway Coursework:

This introductory course provides a foundation to the visual arts, emphasizing the basic elements of art and developing students’ skills in procedures, techniques, vocabulary, and compositional devices related to visual art and design. Students create works in various mediums to enhance creative abilities and explore historical and multicultural motifs and themes. Through use of critiques, both by teacher and peers, students develop the ability to aesthetically value and appreciate works of art, as well as understand the relationship between art, culture, humanity, and history.

This concentrator course provides an introduction to video equipment use for production. It also includes basics of camera/recorder use, script writing, proper sound and lighting techniques, editing techniques and decisions, and production techniques. Also included will be discussion of the history and the current state of the use of video technology and the theory and practical application of production techniques. The class emphasizes instruction and review; oral, video, and written communications; critical thinking; the sciences of light and sound; and computational and record-keeping skills. Career opportunities and requirements are emphasized.

This capstone course offers insight into both the filmmaking and news production sectors of the entertainment industry. This course provides advanced instruction in the use of video equipment for production. It includes methodology of camcorder/camera use, scriptwriting, audio, lighting, editing, and production techniques. The course stresses practical applications in the production of video projects using studio production, field production, and electronic news gathering techniques. Students are encouraged to concentrate on one or more specific areas of interest: (1) news production, (2) feature production, (3) sports production, (4) instructional television production, (5) industrial training production, (6) entertainment production, or (7) commercial production, for concentrated instruction and practice. Students analyze video and film clips in order to apply technical and artistic devices to their own body of work.