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Performing Arts


Students in the AOAE are required to complete a three-course pathway, earning a grade of C or better in each course. Additional arts courses may be taken for elective credit.


The Dance pathway is intended for students interested in pursuing dance throughout high school and beyond. All students in the performing arts are required to take Dance as their PE course, but students in the dance pathway further their dance education by taking our Dance ROP courses.

Year 1:  Beginning Dance (3 trimesters)
Year 2: ROP Choreography (2 trimester minimum)
Year 3: ROP Performance Dance  (2 trimesters)


The Theatre pathway is intended for students interested in pursuing careers in professional theatre, acting, stage production, costume or set design. 

Year 1:  Beginning Theatre – Drama 1  (2 trimesters) + Dance (PE)
Year 2: Comedy&Improv -Drama 2  (2 trimesters) + Dance (PE)
Year 3: Theatre Production (2 trimesters)

Students are in the circle making videos and taking photos.

Students are warming up by doing exercises.
Tables with courses and planned events.