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Work-Based Learning & Internships

Academy Requirements:

Students in the Arts & Entertainment Academy must complete the following Work-Based Learning Activities over their four years of high school, in order to receive their Academy cord at graduation: 

Frequently Asked Questions

What 'On-Campus' Activities Count As Internship Hours?

Volunteer activities on campus where you are under the direction of a teacher or professional in the Arts & Entertainment industry.


  • Working in the Sound and Lighting booth under the direction of a contracted technician
  • Shooting and editing video for a school event (after school hours), which you are not receiving credit for in class, and you are receiving teacher feedback
  • Doing layout design for a music design program under the direction of a teacher or graphic designer
  • Hanging artwork, or creating visual marketing materials under the direction of an art or design teacher
  • Painting sets with an art teacher or designer (after school hours)
  • Participating in a school musical or dance performance outside of the school day.
  • Ushering for an event under the direction of a teacher acting as event coordinator
  • Mentoring (both in and outside of class) from an arts professional as preparation for a professional performance or showcase

What 'Off-Campus' Activities Count as Internship Hours?

Volunteer activities off campus where you are under the direction of a business professional in the Arts & Entertainment industry.


  • Assisting a professional photographer or videographer in a studio or on a shoot (unpaid)
  • Helping hang an art show at an art gallery
  • Assisting an instructor in a visual or performing art studio
  • Singing or performing with a professional company
  • Volunteering for a production company
  • Volunteering as crew for a theater company (Cinemagic)

Not Included:

  • Dance, Voice, Acting, and Art lessons you regularly participate in are not considered internship experiences. If you teach lessons or assist an instructor in your studio, you may count these hours. 

How Do I Keep Track of my Requirements?

Attendance is taken at all school-wide work-based learning activities and field trip, but students are responsible for tracking their job shadowing / internship hours. Most job-sites that offer internships will use a timecard for repeated events, but for single-day events, performances, and on-campus job-shadowing credit, students must keep track. Job Shadowing Timesheets are available from Mrs. Wolf.