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AOE Graduation Requirements

All students who have completed the Academy requirements in addition to the Oxnard Union High School graduation requirements will be honored with the Engineering cord to wear at graduation and a Certificate of Achievement.

Engineering Courses- 3 years required, passed with a C or better

  • Introduction to Engineering: Completed Freshmen year
  • Principles of Engineering: Completed Sophomore year
  • 3rd Course (Honors CAD, Honors Engineering, or Computer Science courses): Completed Junior or Senior year

Work site Tours-

  • 3 required for Graduating classes of 2021 and 2022
  • 2 required for Graduating classes of 2019 and 2020

School-wide Work Based Learning Events

  • Career Day: Freshman Year
  • Speed Interviewing: Sophomore Year
  • Junior Internship Bootcamp: Junior Year
  • Mock Interviews: Senior year
  • Internship: Options listed below

Second Trimester of these 3rd year Engineering Courses: Honors Engineering, Honors CAD, Honors Entrepreneurship

Apply for an RCMakes paid or unpaid internship

Navy Pre-Engineering Program

Find your own internship