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English Department Staff

Jill Dahl

Colleges attended: San Diego State, Sacramento State, Cal State San Marcos,  and Colorado State
Learning Management System: Canvas
Degrees attained: B.A. and M.S. 
Courses taught: AP English Literature, English 4, English 3, and English 2 Honors
Email: rebecca.dahl@oxnardunion.org
 *Department Chair

Krista Wolf

Colleges attended: Calvin College and Azusa Pacific 
Degrees attained: B.F.A, B.Ed., and M.A.
Learning Management System: Canvas
Courses taught: English 3
Email: krista.wolf@oxnardunion.org

Leah Calote

Colleges attended: Univeristy of California Santa Barbara and Univeristy of La Verne
Degrees attained: B.F.A. and M.Ed.
Learning Management System: Canvas
Courses taught: English 2, English 2H, and English 3
Email: leah.calote@oxnardunion.org

Sarah Eglitis

Colleges attended: California Lutheran University
Degrees attained: B.A.
Learning Management System: Canvas
Courses taught: English 1H, English 2, English 2H and English 4
Email: sarah.eglitis@oxnardunion.org

Susan Jacoby

Colleges attended: Oberlin University, University of Santa Monica, and Cal State Channel Islands
Degrees attained: B.A. and M.A. 
Learning Management System: Google
Courses taught: English 1 and English 2
Email: susan.jacoby@oxnardunion.org