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Rancho Campana High School Science Department offers students a range of college prep and honors science classes. Students experience science through projects, hands-on learning, and labs.  All RCHS Science teachers are highly qualified, enthusiastic, and believe that all students can learn and be successful in school and in life.



Black and white photo-portrait of Creech Tera.

tera creech

Colleges attended: California Lutheran University, Cal State Northridge, Adams State University
Degrees attained: B.S. and M.A.
Learning Management System: Canvas
Courses taught:  Biology,  AP Biology, and Honors Anatomy and Physiology

The emblem of RCHS with lion head in the middle and symbols of three Academies around it.

carla davis

Colleges attended: Ventura College, College of the Redwoods, CLU, and Laverne University
Degrees attained: Certificate in Bio Technician Training, AA in Natural Science and Math, B.S. Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, and M. Ed. 
Learning Management System: Canvas
Courses taught: Chemistry Study and AP Chemistry
Sharon kerr

Colleges attended: Barnard College of Columbia University, University of Texas, Permian Basin, 
Michigan State University
Degrees attained: B.A. and M. Ed.
Learning Management System: Canvas
Courses taught: Integrated Chemistry, Biology Lab

Black and white photo-portrait of Steward Alison.

alison steward

Colleges attended: University of California Santa Barbara and Chapman University
Degrees attained: B.S. and M.S.
Learning Management System: Canvas
Courses taught: Integrated Physics, Physics, and AP Physics
 *Department Chair