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Special Education

The Special Education Department at Rancho Campana offers a variety of services to ensure that students with IEPs find success at Rancho.  Our courses include Specialized Academic Instruction courses in Math and English. We also provide Specialized Academic Instruction through Directed Studies classes that help students develop study skills, receive regular specialized support, and learn about post-secondary opportunities.  Some of our other services include speech and language pathology, individual and small group counseling, orientation and mobility, occupational therapy, and academic consultation and collaboration.   Each student’s needs are determined through the Individual Education Program or IEP and no student’s offer of a free and appropriate public education is the same.  

Black and white photo-portrait of Bello Matthew.

Matthew Bello

Colleges attended: University of California Berkeley and San Francisco State University
Learning Management System: Google
Degrees attained: B.A. and M.Ed.
Courses taught: Specialized Academic Instruction English Language Arts and Directed Studies
*Department Chair
Black and white photo-portrait of Pierson Stephanie.

Stephanie Pierson

Colleges attended: Cal State University Northridge and Azusa Pacific
Degrees attained: B.A. and M.A.
Learning Management System: Google
Courses taught: Math 1A SDC, Math 1B SDC, Directed Studies