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Visual and Performing Arts

Students in the Visual and Performing Arts classes learn how to question, research, analyze and interpret the world around them through creative expression. Through both individual and collaborative experiences, students learn to communicate in varied forms of expression which include 2D and 3D visual art mediums, video and film production, theatrical and musical performances. Our department lays a foundation of knowledge and methodology that encourages critical thinking, aesthetic discrimination and judgment across multiple artistic fields. Students learn portfolio development, participate in mock job interviewing with professionals in the entertainment industry, and have the opportunity to intern with professional artists for real-life work experience. We offer specialized field trips to art museums, film studios, and stage performances, and several of our Visual and Performing Arts teachers hold CTE credentials, which means they have been certified as having professional experience within the arts and entertainment industry.


Black and white photo-portrait of Blumenthal Sean.

sean blumenthal

Colleges attended: 
Learning Management System: Google
Degrees attained: 
Courses taught: Video & Film, ROP Live Video Production, ROP Independent Video & Film, Yearbook

Black and white photo-portrait of Calote Leah - Copy.

Leah Calote

Degrees attained: B.F.A. and M.Ed.
Learning Management System: Canvas
Courses taught: Drama 1 & 2, Theatre Production, Comedy Improv, English 2, English 2H, and English 3

Black and white photo-portrait of Sachs Jon.

jon sachs

Colleges attended: Ventura College, Azusa Pacific University, California State University Northridge, and  National University 
Degrees attained: B.A. and M.A.
Learning Management System: Google
Courses taught: Concert Band, Guitar Ensemble,  and Concert Choir
*Department Chair

Black and white photo-portrait of Tkacz Brittani.

brittani tkacz

Colleges attended: Cleveland State University, Ursuline College
Degrees attained: B.A. and M.A.
Learning Mangagement System: Google
Courses taught: Visual Art, Painting, 3D Sculpture, and Geography for Tourism

Black and white photo-portrait of Wolf Krista.

krista Wolf

Colleges attended: Calvin College and Azusa Pacific 
Degrees attained: B.F.A, B.Ed., and M.A.
Learning Management System: Canvas
Courses taught: English 1