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Rancho Student Athletes Instructions for participation in sports at ACHS or RMHS.

Rancho student athletes play sports at their boundary, or home, school. They participate in all practices and competitions with their home school team. Rancho student athletes are dual enrolled at their home school for 5th period and are transported to ACHS or RMHS for daily practice by bus.

In order for all of this to happen – all families of current or prospective student athletes must be sure to follow the following procedures.

Reference this presentation from April 25, 2019 – Athletics via RCHS

Step 1 (for New Student Athletes)

Boundary School Determination

Boundary/Home School Determination

Determine student’s boundary/home school – you must compete for your boundary school to meet CIF regulations.

Use My School Locator to determine this

Step 2 – all athletes, every year

Athletic Clearance

Athletic Clearance

All prospective athletes must register at before attending any try-out and/or practice for 2019-2020 school year.  To receive try-out and team information, register online for the all sports in which the athlete may be interested. Head coaches will communicate via e-mail with athletes who have registered at for each sport chosen online. 

This must be completed BEFORE an athlete tries out for a team.

Athletic Clearance Instructions (Registration opens May 1, 2019)

1. Register online at Be sure to select ALL boxes indicating sports for which the athlete may want to participate. Complete online registration with correct parent and student electronic signatures.

2. Download the Athletic Physical & Consent Form. Make an appointment for a physical and take this form to your medical doctor for them to complete. 

3. Parent and student athlete must sign this form (in ink) and then submit this form one of three ways:

Step 3 – all athletes, every year

Try out for a team!

Rancho student athletes must keep up with any posted try out dates through their boundary schools. Announcements will be made as we are informed of them – but Rancho does not manage this schedule.

Camarillo High School: GoScorps. All try out dates and team schedules will be posted.

Rio Mesa High School: email specific coaches for try out dates: Please use this link for contact information. 

Rio Mesa High School Athletics Webpage

Camarillo High School Athletics Webpage

Announcements regarding try outs will be made, during the school year, on Monarch Mornings.

Step 4 – all athletes,  every year

Congratulations – You Have Made the Team!

1. Pick up Athletic Release Form from Rancho Campana Office or download specific form for your home school. Be sure to check ALL sport boxes for the sports that your athlete may wish to participate in.

2.Obtain signature from parents and coach.

3. Turn form in to the athletic secretary in the office of each school site. ACHS or RMHS registrar will then enroll athlete at their home school – indicating that the player is on the team and has been dually enrolled.

4. Once athlete is enrolled at home school, ONLY THEN can Rancho counselors give athletes a 5th period athletic dismissal period.

KEY – handle all of this paperwork as early and efficiently as possible. Athletes may not attend practice at their home school until all steps are completed.

Transportation For Athletes

All athletes are picked up at Rancho Campana at the end of 4th period for transportation to their home school for practice. 

Rancho athletes are not transported to their home sites on game days for early games. If a coach indicates that they have an earlier departure time, then each athlete will need to provide their own transportation to their home site to be on time for the team’s departure. Athletic coaches are responsible to  communicate with players and families.

Academic Concerns

Athletic Eligibility

All athletes must maintain a 2.0 gpa in order to compete.

This eligibility is determined by grade checks  in an athletes academic courses (at Rancho) which are completed by the athlete. They submit a form to each teacher who states the student’s grade on that particular date. If student’s gpa is ineligible, Rancho’s athletic director notifies the athlete’s home school of their ineligibility.

Dates are determined by the athletic home schools are are approximately:

  • End of October for the Fall/Winter grade check
  • End of January for the Winter/Spring grade check
  • Beginning of April for Spring sports only

Because Rancho is on the Trimester system and Rio Mesa and Camarillo High School are on the semester systems, these grade checks may come at odd times in the Rancho Academic Calendar. It is imperative that athletes keep their grades at acceptable levels in order to maintain eligibility.

Semester vs Trimester issues:

Athletes obtain their PE credit from ACHS or RMHS, which are on semester systems, while Rancho operates on a trimester system. To obtain full credit for PE – an athlete must complete a semester of athletic PE, continuing on once their season is over. Fall athletes must stay in 6th period athletics at home school until semester end (end of January). They may return to Rancho and will have a 5th period dismissal until the beginning of 3rd Trimester (beginning of March).

Athletes who begin their sport in Winter, may begin their training in the Fall – this will be determined by coaches. (more details to come).

Athletes who begin their sport in Spring only, will be enrolled for 2nd Semester athletics in February.

Multi sport athletes may be in 6th period athletics at their home school for the entire year.