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Dual Enrollment

Dual Enrollment Process for High School Students: 

  1. The student will contact his/her counselor to discuss dual enrollment classes. Please visit your school’s website, hover over the “Academics” tab, and click on “Counseling”, to find the counselor’s contact information.
  2. The student’s counselor will review the student’s transcript and make a recommendation on the course he/she should take.
  3. The counselor will complete the RECOMMENDATION FOR DUAL ENROLLMENT (K-12) & MEMORANDUM OF UNDERSTANDING form and will return it to the student.
  4. The student will register and enroll using the links below to establish a MyVCCCD portal account.
  5. The student and parent will sign the RECOMMENDATION FOR DUAL ENROLLMENT (K-12) & MEMORANDUM OF UNDERSTANDING form and upload it to his/her MyVCCCD portal.

*  For more information about specific subject coursework, contact your school counselor.

Visit the College Dual Enrollment Information Page

Oxnard College Courses offered on the Rancho Campana High School Campus

Only Oxnard College CourseTerm OfferedCourse Description
ASL R101:Fall 2020Students with little or no prior knowledge of American Sign Language will be introduced to the natural language and culture of the American Deaf Community. The course provides basic vocabulary and preparation for visual/gestural communication. Emphasis will be on comprehension skills and the fundamentals of ASL grammatical structures. Field trips may be required. Transfer credit: CSU;UC. Course is offered Pass/No Pass (P/NP) at student’s option.


Apply for Admission

  • An application for admission is only required if this is your first time taking a community college class or it has been more than two semesters since you last attended.
  • Follow instructions to create an OpenCCC account and submit your application
  • Provide a valid email address & allow 24 hours to process your application and receive your new student email confirmation
  • The video that follows explains how to register for classes after you are done applying.

Video Tutorial after you have your MyVCCCD account and are ready to register