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Graduation 2019

Congratulations Class of 2019!

Class of 2019 Graduation! 

Thursday, June 13th at 1:30 pm

It is almost upon us. Years of growth and effort culminate in this moment – the moment that each student walks across that stage to receive a diploma and to mark a turning point in their life. It also marks a milestone moment for our school – one we have all worked towards for four years as this farm field has been transformed to a rich learning community.

This page will serve as a portal for Seniors and their families so that all can receive timely information and provide needed information to the Graduation Committee. Please read through all aspects of this page so that your family can prepare for this momentous day

Seniors will assemble at the Cross Fit Room and, after checking in, will form two lines. In those lines, they will process to Elgar’s “Pomp & Circumstance” down the entire length of the quad through columns and archways. Family members who are viewing the ceremony in the Live Streaming Venues will be able to line the procession and will see their graduate as they pass by. The graduates will turn and enter the Performing Arts Center, climbing the stairs and entering the theater through the top entrance.

Family members in the quad will then enter their venue and will be able to see the ceremony live streamed by four different cameras.

The graduates will be seated on the stage for the entirety of the ceremony along with school leaders and district dignitaries. There will be speeches, music and the presentation of diplomas set on a world class theater stage, amplified by our state of the art sound system and illuminate by our stage lights. Every seat in the PAC has an amazing view and family members will be able to see their graduate up close as they process through the aisle as well as on the stage as they experience the ceremony. Every second of the ceremony will be captured by video cameras and live streamed to our family members in commons or under the outdoor shaded canopy on a huge jumbotron.

Utilizing the technology used for our daily Monarch Morning broadcasts, four cameras will be used to film every moment of the ceremony in order to live stream the ceremony to multiple locations on the campus. Rancho Campana has industry standard equipment and was set up to do exactly this! Families will be able to sit together and view the ceremony live – in comfort. Our cameras will zoom in on every graduate and capture the speakers, the music, the moments so that every family member can have an intimate, yet comfortable view of the graduation. If you have been to graduations where you are far above, sitting on a hard stadium seat in the sun, with your binoculars, you know that this will be a very different experience!

The Campus as a Stage

Rancho Campana is a school with a new approach towards education. The Graduation Ceremony for the students at this school will echo that new approach. The entire campus will be utilized as a stage for the Procession, the Ceremony, and the Reception – rather than staging it on a flat grass field with guests seated in long, straight rows in the sun. We have chosen to capitalize on the existing technologies and marvelous facilities in order to prepare an intimate, beautiful setting for our graduates and their families.

How does it Differ?

The Procession: Seniors will Process through the Campus and into the PAC. Families will be able to line the procession and see their graduate pass right by them…instead of way in the distance.

The Ceremony: Each family will have four seats in the Performing Arts Center where the graduation ceremony will occur. Families will be able to select their seats ahead of time using Eventbrite. Seniors will be process into the PAC and will be seated on the stage.

Live Streamed Ceremony: Each family will have up to six more seats in our live streaming venue in the Commons or the outdoor shaded seating area on a huge jumbotron screen.

Some tips for attending graduation:

Timing is Everything….

Graduation day is a stressful day with time sensitive events and LOTS of traffic. Please keep in mind the following as you figure out your family’s schedule and planned arrival time.

  1. There are two entrances to campus…Camino Alvarez will be the entrance used by Graduation Guests to enter the PAC parking lot.
  2. The second entrance…MarVista, will be closed to Graduation traffic.
  3. Late Arrivals: No entry into the PAC after the procession begins at 1:15 pm. After the procession. late comers with tickets will be allowed to enter the Live Streaming Venue, but the PAC will be closed.
  4. Graduation guests can park as early as 11:30 am. But, the campus and the PAC will be closed to Graduation guests until 12:30 pm.
  5. The Main Gate and the Performing Arts Center Doors will open at 12:30 pm. Because you have tickets, you do not need to arrive early to reserve your seats.
  6. Handicapped and elderly drivers – the parking lot closest to the PAC will be reserved for guests with disabilities and the grandparents of our graduates who would benefit from a shorter walk.
  7. Tickets – You must have printed graduation tickets to gain entry to the Graduation. No Exceptions.
  8. Note to self…plan ahead. Arriving five minutes before graduation will be too late.

Congratulations to the class of 2019!