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Lottery and Enrollment Information for Fall 2019

Lottery Results are posted on the Admin Classroom Windows – facing the Drop Off (by the flagpole).

193 students out of the 205 entered into the Lottery will be initially granted a spot.

How to Interpret the posting?

  • The List is in alphabetical order. Number posted to the right of the student name is the Lottery number assigned to them by the random number generator. If the number assigned to student is between 1 – 193, student will be enrolled at Rancho in fall 2019 (if Letter of Intent is submitted by the deadline).
  • If the number assigned to the student is 194 – 205, student is on the 2019 Waiting List. Not all of the students who have applied to Rancho will enroll. As soon as it is confirmed that a student will not keep their spot, student #194 will be contacted and offered that spot and so on. Our experience is that many students on the waiting list will be offered spots as families change their minds over the next few weeks and months.
  • If a student is a sibling of a current Rancho student who will be a 10-12th grader in 2019, they are automatically offered an opportunity to enroll and were not placed in the lottery, if the application was submitted. If a student is the child of a staff member, they will also be offered the opportunity to enroll.
  • If a student lives outside of the zip code boundary, they are placed on a secondary waiting list and a separate lottery will be run once all of the students on the primary waiting list have been offered a position.

Academy assignment: Students will be placed in Academies in order of the lottery ranking. Students will be placed according to their preference, in order of lottery ranking. If the Academy they indicated as their top preference is full, then they will be placed in their second choice. This placement is in order of lottery ranking.


  • Email notification for all students will be sent out by Friday, December 7th. 
  • Formal notification will be sent by mail during the first week of Winter Break. Contained in that notification will be information regarding Academy Placement and the Letter of Intent that must be submitted by the due date posted in the mailing.
  • Informational meetings will be organized for prospective students in February and for all athletes (current and prospective) in May.

Please monitor your email and this website. All efforts to contact students on the waiting list will be made via phone and email contact.