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Monarch Mornings Transcript



Good morning monarchs! I’m Brianna and I’m Bryson and this is your Monarch Mornings for Tuesday, March 10th!



Sometimes finals can feel like a BRAIN FREEZE but what if after finals that feeling could continue but in a good way?

On Friday, March 13th, Mr. Softee will be ON CAMPUS so you can get a sweet treat after all that hard work.

A portion of the proceeds will go to the Class of 2022 which will fund further fun activities for the student body.

There will also be a VERY special guest… AGAIN please come join us after finals on Friday, March 13th for some Mr. Softee ice cream at the basketball courts. 

Now we have a video about Catch and Release!


Prom is Saturday, April 25

Tickets include dinner and are on sale now, at the ASB window, at the following prices:

$85 from March 2 to March 20

$95 from March 23 to April 10

Now we have an announcement from Class of 2022!


Rancho Campana High School will be hosting a TEDx October 3, 2020 in the PAC and, we are currently in the process of looking for high school students interested in speaking at the event. To be a speaker, you must have an idea of the general topic you will want to talk about, be able to meet twice monthly for updates and practice, and be a high school student. For those interested, please follow this link and fill out the application found at tinyurl.com/TEDxRCHS2020. [show flyer]

Here’s your weekly reminder of the RCHS apparel and accessories available at the ASB Window. White auto decals are also available for $5

Sprigeo is a tool to report bullying and school safety threats. To be help– you need to report school report threats immediately. Please take Sprigeo seriously, we value your safety here at RCHS.


Now we go to picture of the day!

Here we have William Almaraz dressed as his girlfriend Bella for the Academic Decathlon fundraiser. Lookin’ good, William!

Please Please Please!! Send any photos of you or your friends to RCHSpictureoftheday@gmail.com, that is RCHSpictureoftheday@gmail.com! 


Thats all of your news and announcements for today, Monarchs! 

Be sure to have a Taco Tuesday!