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Clubs & Organizations

Rancho Campana offers a variety of clubs and activities, initiated by the student body for intellectual, physical, and social pursuits. Students are encouraged to join clubs so they can explore their interests and passions, develop new ones, and be active participants in community life at Rancho.

Rancho Campana Theater

Rancho Campana Dance Team

Rancho Campana Music Department

Club Meeting Day Meeting Time Location Advisor
AAPIC 2nd/4th Friday Lunch C4-101 Kikuchi
Alden Fan Club Tuesday Lunch C2-116 Hedegard
American Red Cross E/O Tuesday Lunch C3-103 Arriaga
Black Student Union 2nd/4th Friday Lunch C3-104 K. Blumenthal
Ceramics Thursday Lunch/After School C2-101 Tkacz
  Friday After School C2-101 Tkacz
Chess Wednesday Lunch C3-105 Burgueno
Cinemaniacs Alt. Mon/Fri Lunch C5-102 Moore
CSF Last Thursday Lunch C4-102 Steward
Girl Up Wednesday Lunch C5-102 Moore
Green Club 1st Monday Lunch C4-103 Halstead
HOSA Thursday Lunch C1-109 T. Creech
JSA 1st/3rd Monday Lunch Scene Shop Dr. Barry
KIWIN'S 1st/3rd Tuesday Lunch C4-101 Kikuchi
Knowledge Bowl Wednesday Lunch C2-106 Eglitis
LEOS Tuesday Lunch C1-106 C. Davis
Literature 2nd/4th Monday Lunch C2-112 Pelayo
Magic & Monsters Monday Lunch C4-102 Martin
Peer to Peer Monday  7:45am C1-113 Huizinga
Pickleball 1st/3rd Thursday Lunch C2-112 Pelayo
Puzzle Club Thursday Lunch C1-110 Espinoza
Rancho Radio Monday Lunch C2-110 M. Creech
Rancho Runners Monday Lunch Field Arriaga
Robotics Mon/Wed After School C4-101 Kikuchi
SAGA Thursday Lunch Black Box Calote
Save the Children 2nd/4th Wednesday Lunch C2-102 Carey
Serves Up Volleyball Monday Lunch Bball Court Flores
  Wednesday After School Bball Court Flores
Shred Monday Lunch C3-105 Burgueno
Speech and Debate Thursday Lunch C2-110 M. Creech
Thespians Wednesday Lunch C3-103 Arriaga
Unplugged Wednesday Lunch C2-111 Brown
WEMech Wednesday Lunch Scene Shop Dr. Barry
Young Life Friday Lunch C5-101 Rea