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Live Streaming? All Questions Answered.

A control panel of a sound producer.

How many cameras will be used to film the Ceremony?

Two on the main floor, one each on the upper side filming deck and one that will capture the entire view of the stage – five cameras, each capturing a different aspect of the Ceremony and Procession. The footage will be patched into the Media Studio shown above where our Media Producer, Mr. Blumenthal, can coordinate images and weave together the ceremony images for guests.

How will the live streaming work?

Footage will be patched in to the Media Studio where Mr. Blumenthal will be producing the feed that is streamed out to every projector and LCD Screen on campus. This technology is utilized 180 school days a year and our crew is very experienced.


Will the ceremony be recorded and made available to families?

At the time of the authorship of this page – this is a production detail that has yet to be worked out, but is a major part of the plan for this graduation. More information will be posted as it becomes available.

Will we be able to see our graduate?

Yes…far better than if you were midway back on a huge grass field at 1:30 in the afternoon…straining to see with your sunglasses and binoculars. And…far more comfortable. You will be able to see expressions, the funny moments, hear the alma mater when it is first sung…everything.