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Upcoming Events




January Updates



Hello Monarchs, 

With one week to winter break I look forward to all of our students and staff getting a well-deserved rest.   Please see the monthly updates and upcoming events:


Safety Updates (Entrances and drop off) – In our continued effort to keep students safe RCHS will be limiting which gates are open before school.   To better monitor who enters the campus school gates will not open until 7:00 AM beginning in January.  RCHS will open two gates every morning and have a staff member supervise each one.   The two gates open will be the push gate nearest the Admin Classroom and the other in the middle of the fencing.   The large gate by the PAC will no longer be a pass through for students.  Refer to the attached map for entrance locations.

Measure A Update  HVAC Construction will be going out for bid in January.  The relocatable buildings will be delivered in January.   Our lobby renovation will start next week and we are reviewing new security gates.


The future of band and athletics and Rancho Campana High School – There have been many rumors about the future of band and athletics.  RCHS will continue to partner with all OUHSD schools for athletics. As 2024 nears, RCHS will elicit feedback from the community and have a transparent process as to the next steps at Rancho Campana High School.  


RCHS has a blossoming band program and we are encouraging any new student that would like to participate in marching band to enroll at ACHS.  Current RCHS students, will be able to continue participating until they graduate.


Monarch Mornings – The Transcript of each monarch Mornings show can be found on the RCHS website.  The link can be found under Parents and Students in the Monarch Morning Transcript tab.  You can also follow this link.  Any student who misses school, or has a first period dismissal can keep up with all the announcements there.


California Healthy Kids Survey – We are again participating in the California Healthy Kids Survey (CHKS).  We are encouraging as many families as possible to fill out the survey to create a large enough sample size to have quality feedback.  Your opinions are important, and we would like to hear from you. Please fill out the survey here.  The instructions are here.


Upcoming Dates:


December 17 – 20 – Wellness Week

December 17 – Health Fair (Period 2 – Tutorial)

December 17 – Winter Band Concert (6:30 PM in the PAC)

December 18 – Coffee with the Principal (8:00 AM in PAC Lobby)

December 18 – Creative Wellness (Lunch)

December 18 – School Site Council Meeting (3:00 PM in PAC Lobby)

December 19 – Mental Health Wellness (Tutorial/Lunch)

December 19 – Community Wellness Night (6:00 PM – 7:30 PM on campus)

December 20 – Late Start (School begins at 8:47 AM)

December 20 – Social Wellness (Extended Lunch)

December 20 – Alumni College Talk (Period 4 and 5)

December 20 – Polar Express Movie Night (Near Commons at 6:00 PM)

December 21 – January 5 – Winter Break


January 6 – School resumes

January 10 – Late Start (School begins at 8:47 AM)

January 10 – Letter of Intent due (Incoming Freshmen)

January 14 – ELAC Meeting (5:30 PM in PAC Lobby)

January 14 – PTSA Meeting (6:30 PM in PAC Lobby)

January 15 – Coffee with the Principal (8:00 AM in PAC Lobby)

January 15 – School Site Council Meeting (3:00 PM in PAC Lobby)

January 16 – Practice ACT & PSAT Score back Presentation (5:30pm Commons)

January 17 – Late Start (School begins at 8:47 AM)

January 17 – Open Mic Night (6:30 PM in Black Box)

January 20 – School Holiday (Martin Luther King)

January 22 – Medical Sciences Doctor Phil Field Trip

January 23 – Youth Advocacy Summit 

January 23 – California Healthy Kids Survey (during Tutorial)

January 25 – Saturday School (8:00 AM in the Commons)

January 25 – Winter Dance (7:00 PM on campus)

January 28 – FAFSA Workshop (4:00 PM in C-3 Computer Lab)

January 31 – Late Start (School begins at 8:47 AM)


Thank you all for your support!!! #Train2Reign


Bryan Martin